Eco-friendly artist materials exchange with OTE Arts

Olde Towne East Arts (OTE Arts) hopes to partner with Can’t Stop Columbus to tackle the pressing issues of sustainability and accessibility in the art world. OTE Arts has identified two primary challenges that artists face in this category today: Environmental Impact and Economic Accessibility of art supplies.

Many traditional art materials and practices have a significant environmental footprint, from the production and disposal of synthetic materials to the use of hazardous chemicals. This not only harms our planet but also limits the scope for artists who are conscious about their ecological impact. Additionally, the high cost of art supplies can be a substantial barrier for many artists, particularly those who are emerging or come from underserved communities. This economic challenge stifles creativity and limits opportunities for diverse voices to be heard and seen in the art world.

With the help of Can’t Stop Columbus, we’re imagining a user-friendly online platform, app, or shop designed for local artists. In the platform, artists can engage in buying, selling, sharing, or trading art materials that are eco-friendly, recycled, or upcycled. Beyond transactions, this platform could also inspire and teach artists how to creatively use found or recycled materials in their art practices. Ideally, it would combine a practical material exchange with the sharing of innovative ideas and techniques, creating a community of environmentally conscious artists.


Olde Towne East Arts

Olde Towne East Arts (OTE Arts) is a 501(c)(3) organization and was founded by residents and members of the Olde Towne East arts community, driven by a genuine passion for supporting local artists and their creative endeavors. 

Our mission is to serve the Near East Side and greater Columbus area as a welcoming incubator for creativity and artistic excellence. We offer a wide-range of programming that engages both artists and our community to ensure the longevity of the arts. OTE Arts actively works to grow programming that represents and fulfills the needs of the community we reside in. Our flagship event, the OTE Art Walk festivals have gained significant recognition in the area over the past 3 years. Visit for more info.