Community Collaboration Session

July 22

Submit Your Idea: Ideas Submission Form

Want to make Columbus a better, more resilient city? Got a million ideas about what this city really needs, to better serve all its citizens?

Join us July 22nd to virtually mingle with like-minded, great humans, and help us forge a plan for focusing our efforts this quarter.

Beginning with this Community Collaboration session, Can’t Stop Columbus is moving to a quarterly format where we will put all our resources behind giving up to 3 projects the best chance at success (making REAL impact) that we can.  The goal is to create impact within those first 3 months, but more important is that a good foundation for lasting impact has been created. 

What does putting all our resources behind a project look like?

  • Project management coaching
  • Design thinking training (human-centered design)
  • Impact measurement training
  • Marketing/PR support
  • Website Hosting
  • Community assistance finding developers, designers, and other skilled volunteers
  • Access to key stakeholders and CSC partner organizations
  • PLUS potential startup cost pebble grants, and more, depending on what’s needed to effect real change!

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to join CSC – now is the time!

Today: Submit an idea! Ideas Submission Form

July 22: Join our Community Collaboration Session (Online)  

  • Participate in deciding which projects we’ll focus our resources on for the next 3 months
  • Learn more about what joining a team means, directly from your potential teammates

Help us take aim at real change! Invite your network to join us on July 22nd, too, and be a part of the change you want to see in our city!