Join us! Help build a talent platform that reinvests in the community! We are looking for assistance building a web application prototype that follow similar design framework to Uber, Airbnb or Upwork. It will have a similar marketplace functionality. I (Chance, the project lead) know nothing about web development and copied the description below from a stock job description.
  • Front-end technology: Expertise in front-end technologies, including JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 and third-party libraries such as React Js, Angular, jQuery and LESS
  • Development languages: Knowledge of server-side programming languages including Net, Java, Ruby and Python
  • Database and cache: Familiarity with DBMS technology, including SQLServer, Oracle, MongoDB and MySQL and caching mechanisms such as Redis, Memcached and Varnish
  • Basic design ability: Including knowledge of UI/UX and basic prototype design
Please reach out to us at if you have any interest or questions!