Help The Heritage Projects flagship program, The Civil Rights Heritage Tour of the South, and subsequent programs develop a way for the riders to share their experiences with their families and caregivers in real-time that is not Social Media.

Many of our students don’t have cell phones. Others are under guardianship or in foster care and cannot have their images and information on social media platforms like Facebook Live, SnapChat, or Instagram. The students often have older and younger siblings, in addition to parents and guardians at home who know that one of them is going on a fantastic 1-week trip that’s going to change the Tour-goer’s life, but not theirs because they aren’t going with us.

In addition to sharing with families and caregivers, we would like to be able to give more educators and other families the opportunity to learn more about the Tour and some of the places we cover.

This project will develop or modify a private app or platform that siblings, families, and caregivers can access, that would help them “experience” the Tour without going on the Tour. It should be¬†engaging, interactive, and visually impressive.

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The Heritage Projects

The Heritage Projects is a 501(c)(3) in Columbus, Ohio. Our mission is to provide experiential learning opportunities for people ages 14 years – 80+ years in the area of heritage awareness.

Our flagship program, The Civil Rights Heritage Tour of the South occurs during the Spring Break of Columbus City Schools each year.

We take 40-50 people through 6 states and 25 venues, including museums and other historic sites) on a 6-day 5-night adventure through the US South East. We raise the money to pay for the bus, provide full scholarships for many of the students who join us, and lower the ticket price for the adults, many of whom are senior citizens on fixed incomes.

The focus is slavery through the Civil Rights Movement to end apartheid in the US, and its applications to current day laws and happenings. On the Tour, we cover a variety of topics including finance, law, civics and engagement, critical thinking, culture, and geography.

We plan to include more Heritages in the future, including Indigenous American, AAPI, Irish, Jewish, Latin/Hispanic and the list goes on. Every Heritage and culture has made significant contributions to the US. We just might not know enough about it because it isn’t covered in most schools’ curricula.

We want to celebrate those Heritages as we learn about them. We also want to be able to share with people who are not able to join us.