wants to create a simple solution for driver recruitment and literacy box dispatch, pick up, and delivery from their warehouse to literacy programs through the Columbus area, mid-Ohio, and two hours in every direction.

MagPower is envisioned as a 100% SMS text-based system, which may utilize Twilio, frontlineSMS, or something similar to create a solution for any type of point-to-point humanitarian delivery in any location, anywhere in the world, especially where tech and networks are limited, but everyone has a mobile phone.  

Sign up for the Can’t Stop Columbus Impact Hack today to join the team and make this project a reality! provides reading materials at no cost for distribution to registered literacy programs serving at-risk readers by working closely with food pantries, homeless, domestic abuse, and trafficking shelters, youth mentoring and job training programs, teachers, prison rehabilitation, and veterans, behavioral health, and other local literacy programs.