Currently, there is a large part of our population who, due to a developmental disability or medical condition, need to wear diapers/protective undergarments. Current baby changing tables only support people up to around 40 lbs. This excludes a large portion of our population who needs a safe, private and dignified place to change.

There are a few hundred places around our country that have realized the need to be more inclusive and have installed universal changing tables in their restrooms (these are around 6 feet long and can hold up to 400 lbs). These are inclusive to anyone who needs a changing surface and allows people who previously stayed isolated at home to have the freedom to explore their communities, knowing there will be a restroom available where they can care for themselves or their loved one. The problem is, no one knows where these universal changing tables are.

Inspired Access Foundation envisions creating a map that displays these universal changing tables. People who need a place to change can use this map as a resource to help them plan out their day or a road trip. This will give people the confidence and freedom to participate in life outside their homes.

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Inspired Access Foundation

Inspired Access Foundation is a new nonprofit founded in Central Ohio. Our mission is to tackle projects that will increase community accessibility and inclusion for those with disabilities.

We are currently focusing on fundraising to support installing accessible equipment, advocacy work, and a map project which will display the location of all universal changing tables in the USA.

We are part of a larger organization, The Changing Spaces Campaign.