Mental health has become a huge issue for people of all ages. Although there has been some press on the subject, there is still a stigma surrounding it that prevents people from seeking help. By having a podcast with people talking about their own mental health challenges, it will encourage others to talk about it

The podcast will feature open and honest conversations about mental health to share resources and inspiring personal journeys to empower us to live a life of peace, hope, and joy. We hope to support and serve those struggling with depression & anxiety and other emotional health issues, overcome stigma, and find their purpose.

Our moonshot goal is to reach a million people through our podcast to spread awareness of this important topic that impacts all of us. 

We need your help with video editing, website development, and social media promotion and management. This will enable us to achieve our goal of creating a community of trust and dialogue around mental health.


Find more info about our current outreach at