There continues to be a labor shortage in Columbus. And companies are struggling to build diverse talent pipelines to fill underrepresented roles despite their best DEI efforts.

How do you increase labor participation and build a DEI talent pipeline at the same time?

Find the people who have barriers to work and help them get the tools they need to succeed?

Right now, our nonprofits take on this heavy lift everyday of helping people overcome barriers for free. And they continue to be strapped for resources. At the same time businesses are reaching out to nonprofits desperate for people because they are a source of diverse talent, but the problem remains. Nonprofits are not equipped to operate like staffing agencies.

This project’s goal is to create the Uber of talent recruiting. This will be a matchmaking platform between company demand for talent and talent supply from nonprofits.

This app will provide a place where companies share their open roles, nonprofits make candidate referrals and the company pays a commission for the new hire. This will allow companies to enlist the recruiting efforts of potentially hundreds of organizations in Central Ohio. The commissions will also be reinvested by nonprofits to continue to expand on the good they already do every day.

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