Summer Youth Explosion (Shoe Drive)
Saturday May 21
9:00-10:00 Set Up
10:00-2:00 Event
2:00-3:00 Take down/Clean up
25-30 Volunteers needed

Email us at to volunteer!

There will be 9 specific “booths” to work at. We hope to have 2-3 volunteers
at each station to help the teachers there. All those not working a specific
location will float around and facilitate the crowds. The definitions of the
booths are as follows:

Food- Everyone who comes will get one Hotdog, one bag of chips, and one
drink. People at this station will need to collect food tickets from each
person. They will need to hand out hotdogs and chips restocking as
needed. There will be a teacher cooking hot dogs.

Foam Machine- People at this station will watch and chaperone as children
play in the foam. Being sure to keep numbers of participants at a
reasonable level. The owner of the foam machine will also be there to help
work the machine and be sure it runs smoothly.

Popcorn- Popcorn will be popped and given inside the cafeteria. People at
this station will need to make popcorn in a large popcorn machine.
(instructions given) People at this table will also need to bag the popcorn.
They will need to collect tickets and give out popcorn to all those who have
a ticket.

Shoe Drop- People at this station will be working to give out shoes to all
East Linden Students. Each child will have a ticket. Their name will need to
be marked off on the sheet so we can be sure each child in the school gets
their pair even if they were unable to attend. People will need to monitor
and make sure each child only gets one pair in the correct size.

Exit/Entrance- People at this station will be working to welcome everyone
to the event. They will be handing out the different colored tickets so each
person can get food, popcorn, and the students can get their shoes.
Resource Table- At this table people will need to monitor the resources
parents can pick up. They will also be giving one Hockey stick to each
student who comes to the table.

Jump House- Monitor students who choose to play in the jump house and
run on the obstacle course. Only children may go on it. Volunteers here will
need to watch for safety of all those using it.

Face Painting- People at this station will be painting the faces of the

Parking- People at this station will be helping to keep the cars parked in an
orderly manner. They will also be helping to navigate the flow of traffic
coming and going.

Email us at to join as a volunteer – please be sure to indicate “Linden Shoe Drive” in the subject of your email. Thanks!